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  • Guellai, Bahia; Langus, Alan; Nespor, Marina (Frontiers Research Fondation PO BOX 110, Lusanne, 1015, SWITZERLAND, 2014-06-18)
    In everyday life, speech is accompanied by gestures. In the present study, two experiments tested the possibility that spontaneous gestures accompanying speech carry prosodic information. Experiment 1 showed that gestures ...
  • Gomez, David Maximiliano; Berent, Iris; Benavides-Varela, Silvia; Bion, Ricardo A.H.; Cattarossi, Luigi; Nespor, Marina; Mehler, Jacques (PNAS, 2014-03-31)
    The evolution of human languages is driven both by primitive biases present in the human sensorimotor systems and by cultural transmission among speakers. However, whether the design of the language faculty is further ...
  • Hardcastle, M.J.; Ching, J.H.Y.; De Zotti, Gianfranco; et al. (Oxford University Press, 2012-11-27)
    We have constructed a sample of radio-loud objects with optical spectroscopy from the Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA) project over the Herschel-ATLAS Phase 1 fields. Classifying the radio sources in terms of their optical ...
  • Mapelli, Michela; Zampieri, Luca; Ripamonti, Emanuele; Bressan, Alessandro (Oxford University Press, 2013-01-17)
    We present N-body simulations of intermediate-mass (3000-4000 Msun) young star clusters (SCs) with three different metallicities (Z=0.01, 0.1 and 1 Zsun), including metal-dependent stellar evolution recipes and ...
  • Roseboom, Isaac G.; Lawrence, A.; Elvis, Martin; Petty, S.; Shen, Yue; Hao, H. (Oxford University Press, 2012-11-19)
    We investigate the range of covering factors (determined from the ratio of IR to UV/optical luminosity) seen in luminous type 1 quasars using a combination of data from the WISE, UKIDSS and SDSS surveys. Accretion disk ...


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